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All Around Sports Head Gear

The DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear is a cap made from lightweight, breathable material. The head gear is not only fashionable, but it helps protect your head and neck from harmful rays given off by the sun, prevents sweat from getting in your eyes and running down your face, and keeps hair out of your face during physical activity. With its lightweight material, the head gear is great to wear when playing sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

The head gear is currently offered in ELEVEN different colors, and includes an interlocking Velcro loop fastener strap. This Velcro strap goes around the back of the head gear and allows you to adjust the size of the head gear (similar to the strap that allows you to adjust the size of a hat), which allows the head gear to fit on any size head. Currently, only wholesale quantities (100 or more) of the head gear are customizable to include a logo or number, while quantities less than 100 cannot be customized with a logo or number.

Ordering in wholesale quantities is an excellent choice for high school and college sports teams because not only will you receive wholesale pricing on the head gear, but the head gear can be customized with the schools logo or an athletes number. As well, fans can show their school spirit by wearing the customized head gear with the team’s logo.

We are currently working on two more designs of the head gear, the “Zipper,” and “Shoe Lace” styles, that will accompany the current “Velcro” design. We hope to offer the new designs for purchase soon, so continue to check back at our website for updates on the status of the release of the new designs.

** As of right now, wholesale quantity orders (50 or more head gears) can only be placed by phone, but all quantities less than 50 may be placed online. To place an order for wholesale quantities please call 1-877-809-6835.

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If you purchase 50 or more DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear pieces, you will be eligible for wholesale pricing. As well, with the purchase of 50 or more DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear pieces, the head gear may be customized with your choice of a logo or number.


Order 50 or more quantities of the DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear today!

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