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About Us

DANJOR Enterprises was founded by Daniel Jordan in 2001. After establishing a prominence in the real estate market, Mr. Jordan added another division to his growing business in 2004, DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear. Recently, DANJOR Enterprises expanded into the health and wellness market with the sale of CieAura chips.

The DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear is targeted towards high school and college sports teams, and can be customized to include a logo or number. While offering fashionable and protective head gear is one of the company’s most important goals, DANJOR Enterprises also strives to give back to high schools and colleges through the sale of the sports headgear. With the purchase of the head gear, DANJOR Enterprises promises to give a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of the head gear to high schools and colleges to keep their sports, music, art and many other programs running.

The newest addition to the Mr. Jordan’s product line, CieAura chips, offers a new, unique and non-invasive way to treat a variety of ailments. The chips can assist with providing energy, relieving pain, getting a more restful sleep, allergy relief, and increased sports performance. The chips contain natural energies that work to perform these many functions, and best of all, they are 100% natural and completely safe.

DANJOR Enterprises hopes to continue to grow and expand into other markets in the future, and is currently working on the release of a fragrance for both men and women.

If you have any questions about the company, the products offered, or any other related questions feel free to call:

DANJOR Enterprises


If you purchase 50 or more DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear pieces, you will be eligible for wholesale pricing. As well, with the purchase of 50 or more DANJOR All Around Sports Head Gear pieces, the head gear may be customized with your choice of a logo or number.


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